COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Liberty Lake Eyecare Patients,


Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, we have taken extensive steps to make sure your visit to our office is even more safe! We have worked hard to implement protocols that will reduce your time in the office and limit the number of surfaces with which you come in contact. This will reduce staff and patient exposure and maintain the health of everyone.


  • Please call (509) 893-7574 before entering
  • Wear a Mask. Protect YOU Protect US!
  • Services by Appointment Only Call/Text (509) 893-7574
  • Temperature Reading Upon Entering
  • Curbside Pick Up Available for Contact Lenses
  • Come alone to your appointment. Children can be accompanied

When you arrive for your appointment we ask that you remain in your car until we text you and let you know that your room is ready for your visit. If you do not have the ability to text all of this can be done via phone calls.

We have UV sanitizing air purifiers in our exam lanes and have extensive cleaning protocols between appointments. We have installed breath shields on equipment in the exam rooms and optical. We have installed Plexiglas dividers at the check in/checkout counters and moved our credit card swiper for you to swipe your own card. We will not require signatures for credit card payments. Surface that are frequently touched in our office are being disinfected before and after each patient. We are also using an industrial product that can keep surfaces disinfected for days to weeks.

As you can see, we have taken extensive steps to make sure your visit is even more safe! We value you as a patient and your safety is important to us. We are grateful for your trust in our care. Please call us Monday -Thursday 8-5am and Friday 8-1pm


Dr. Ulrich, Dr. Park and the LLEC Staff

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